About Us

Conrisk Consultants is Professional Health and Safety service provider to various industries in South Africa. We have been providing   professional Health and Safety services in these industries for more than  ten years , developing integrated solutions tailored to your needs and legal requirements.

It is our philosophy that “ health and safety must be simple and affordable “ and that’s why we aim to deliver the best service at the lowest rate without compromising on service or compliance

We provide services, assistance and guidance throughout all 6 stages of construction projects giving our customers peace of mind in the Occupational Health and Safety Compliance of their projects by ensuring every contractor taking on a project has the necessary documentation  and competence, ensuring  that the client is fully covered. 

We assist Principal Contractors/ Contractors to comply with the requirements of the OHS  Act and  Construction Regulations  7 and 8.

We also assist with contractor management and implementation of a Health and Safety Management System for the project.