MEWP operators training and the requirements

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MEWP operators training and the requirements

Driven Machinery Regulation 18(11)The user shall ensure that every lifting machine is operated by an operator specifically trained for that particular type of lifting machine: provided that in the case
of a lifting machine listed in the National Code of Practice for Training Providers of
Lifting Machine Operators, the user shall not require or permit any person to operate
such a lifting machine unless the operator is in possession of a certificate of training, issued by a training provider accredited by the Transport Seta approved for the purpose by the chief inspector.

All cherry picker and scissor lift operators must be trained and competent. The unit standard for MEWP operator is  243272. The course is an 3 day course and must be facilitated by an accredited TETA training provider. The operator must also be competent in working at heights- Unit Standard 229998 and must be in possession of a valid medical fitness certificate.

All MEWP operators will be registered with the Institute  For Working at Heights-IWH

I rent a machine from Goscor or Easy Access.

The rental company will do induction or familiarization training when they deliver the machine to your site, however this is not accredited training and also not in line with Unit Standard 243272. 

Dont be fooled to believe that this “induction ” is sufficient- if there is an incident you will need to prove training and competence to the DOL or Court.

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