ARB WAREHOUSE LORDSVIEW ESTATE. R50 MILLION. Appointed clients agent on project
COMAIR SIMULATOR BUILDING - R40 MILLION . Appointed clients agent on project

Projects – appointed as Client H&S Agent 

  • 30 Simmond Street R47 Million
  •  252 Montrose Ave-R40 Million
  •  Brickvale Ext 22 , Mogale City-R55 Million
  • ARB Warehouse
  • Comair Simulator Building A3
  • Two river Platinum-The construction of the Tailings Storage Facility atFarm De Grooteboom 373 Portion 1 Steelpoort-R300 million
  • We have completed in the past 5 years more than 200 roofing projects and is specialist in the roofing industry 

We represent  the client as their appointed Health & Safety  Agent on a number of projects. We assist with construction work permit applications and legal compliance on site.

A client may appoint a Construction Health and Safety Agent or Construction Health and Safety Manager based on the scope and risk profile of construction work to represent him/her on matters of health and safety. Provided that, where the question arises as to whether a Construction Health Safety Agent or a Construction Health and Safety Manager is necessary, the decision of an inspector is decisive.- As amended :Construction Regulations  02 June 2017

Some of the services we offer include :

  • Construction Work Permit Applications
  • Drafting of the Client Health and Safety Specifications
  • Drafting  of Project Baseline Risk Assessments
  • Drafting of Mandatary Agreements
  • Drafting of Contractor Appointments
  • Approval of Contractors Health and Safety Plans
  • Monthly Site Inspections and reports
  • Monthly Legal Compliance Audits on all Principal Contractors
  • Prepare OHS compliance report
  • Prepare Project Close out reports

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ARB Warehouse
Stephan Van Der Westhuizen

We assist the client or developer to achieve legal compliance on their projects at real affordable rates without compromising on quality or service delivery.Health and Safety should not be expensive, and is a constitutional right of every employee.

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