Our Services

We are professional occupational health and safety consultants-registered by the approved statutory bodies. 

We specialize in construction health and safety but also deliver tailor made services to all other industries including:

  • Manufacturing
  • Minning
  • Engineering
  • Transport
  • Telecommunication

We offer the following services to clients and contractors:

  •   Attend tender meetings
  •   Construction Work Permits
  •   Health & Safety Specifications
  •   Baseline Risk Assessments
  •   Monthly site visits and inspections
  •   Monthly Legal Compliance Audits
  •   Incident Investigations
  •   Health & Safety Plans
  •   Risk Assessments
  •   Fall Protection Plans
  •  DOL Notification of construction work
  •   Site Specific Safety Files
  •   Incident Investigations
  •  Placement of temporary and full-time safety officers on site
  •  Toolbox Talks and Inductions
  • We assist  with the design , implementation and maintenance of occupational health and safety management systems.
  • All our services can be delivered to the client / contractor on a monthly retainer fee or once-off basis. We pride ourselves that we do not charge ridiculous rates for essential services.And we do not compromise on the quality of our services.
  • We assist with all legal compliance on any project big or small.


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